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Todays (Tuesday 21st March) Irish Times features a large piece on blogging in the upcoming Irish Election.

As part of the feature I interviewed Cian O’Flaherty of about his new site, what its goal is and what role he sees it playing come May 2007.

The piece is available to view here (subs required). I’ll post the text of it at some point tonight.

Congratulations Cian and Co.; the articles published today show a rising trend in mainstream interest in blogging. This can only be good things for the Irish blogosphere which is currently enjoying a boom across the board.


  1. Confusingly, the IT has a rock-star quality photo of Cian paired with a related but different story.


  2. i’ll have to buy the it tomorrow to see the pics


  3. [...] It seems a few people were thinking along the same lines as there are two articles in the Irish Times today about politics and blogs, one written by Adam Maguire. I also happened to be thinking along the same lines and here’s my two cents on the subject. [...]


  4. great work on getting your piece in Adam.


  5. Administrator 21/03/2006 at 05:29

    Many thanks Dave; as you can imagine I’m chuffed.

    Thanks to Cian for the interview, and what a picture he got in there!!!


  6. [...] Below is my piece which featured in The Irish Times on Tuesday 21st of March; it is an interview with Cian O’Flaherty of The article was teamed with a piece on the importance of blogging in the 2007 Irish election by Liam Reid, political reporter for The IT; his piece follows my own below. [...]


  7. Jack o Connell 28/05/2009 at 23:31

    I believe that if we got rid of all de paedophile priests and Fine Failers we would have a better country all round. Ye have no idea what a bunch of idiots is running the country. runnin it into the ground is what there doing.I use to vote fine Fail but I have given up almost.i dont think i will vote in the next election i am not votin Fine Fail but i will be damned if I am votin for anyone else eider.
    all me family have voted for the Failers even though they never accepted the mandate of the people in 1921.


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