Irish Blog Awards records 1000 votes

Congratulations all around to those involved in and nominated for The 1st Irish Blog Awards; Damien has just announced that votes recorded so far have topped the 1,000 mark and there’s still a whole day of voting left for those absent minded blog readers out there.
Couple this with the recent announcement of a slick phone giveaway with thanks to O2 and it looks like this event has been a roaring success before it’s even happened.
So if you haven’t already, get voting now (you might even get a mobile phone for your troubles), and do your best to get along to the event itself on the 11th of March and show some support for Irish bloggers.

A big well done to those nominated so far, and best of luck to those who make the cut on Monday. Most of all, a huge pat on the back to Damien and all those working behind the scenes to make this event note worthy; let’s hope in the years to come things will get bigger and better.


  1. Thanks Adam, but it’s March 11th :)


  2. Administrator 16/02/2006 at 15:50

    Sorry Damien, just edited it there!!

    Shame I can’t make it along, I’ll be back in Dublin on the 14th, but can’t get back any sooner than that, but by the looks of the voting you won’t be short on support!


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